The service "Warmer Wales 2" covers both counties of Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent. Some services only apply to certain counties. Please contact us for more information.

Warmer Wales 2

We receive funding from the Moondance Foundation and the National Grid to deliver the Warmer Wales 2 service. We provide free energy advice and can support people from Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent who are struggling with their energy bills. Our small team looks at a person's individual circumstances and can offer practical energy saving advice and help them with their fuel debts.

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Their energy supplier may have a range of support available to help them manage their fuel costs, such as social tariffs and priority register. If they are struggling to keep on top of their bills, we can work with their supplier to help them find the best way forward. We can also help with a fuel voucher to top up their gas and electricity meter.